troubled by tapin radio

Marisane Moruthanyana

Evening win10 and screen readerfolks

I am Marisane from SA.

I use both nvda and jaws as my screen readers.

I'd been using tapin radio to stream my favourable radio stations till
late 2016.

I uninstalled as it continued to crash.

Two weeks ago, I installed it again and found that it was upgraded to 2.9.

Surprisingly, there's no longer free tapin radio, but the trial version.

Am I right?

If not, what am I doing to receive this on-going notification about
tapin radio being on trial and left with only 3 days?

Is there a setting to keep it free?

Why is one forced to purchase the application these days?

Please assist.

You are thanked in advance for your assistance.


On 7/28/18, brandon T <> wrote:

That's interesting; generally in my experience when I did a quick scan
in the forground I received notifications when it finished in the



On 7/21/18, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
I believe you get notifications in only two circumstances:

- a positive detection occurred (regardless of for malware,
- a background scan completes and finds nothing

If you're running a scan in the foreground it's presumed you're looking
it and that if all is normal, which is put up there in the Windows
Security Center, but not as a notification, you'll see it.

This is a case where no news is good news.


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