For Version 1803+NVDA users: if you need to enter a new product key and you can't enter it, restart NVDA #nvdasr #ADVISORY #WinTenOld




The following was confirmed by at least three people and affects Version 1803+NVDA combination at the moment:


Issue: when trying to change product keys, NVDA does not respond when you try to tab through the product key entry screen in Version 1803.


Steps to reproduce:


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Update and Security/Activation.
  3. Select “Change product key” link.


Expected: you can tab through this screen.

Actual: nothing.

Workaround: restart NVDA right then. After that, you’ll hear NVDA respond as you tab through product key entry screen.




  • Windows 10 release affected: Version 1803 (build 17134) only
  • Screen reader affected: NVDA.
  • Reproducible: yes.
  • Resolved in Insider Preview builds: yes.


This is a rather serious regression and I’m about to file a feedback about this – once it is filed, I’ll share the short link so folks who can access Feedback Hub and upvote this can do so.




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