locked Re: A word on recent happenings: Chrome thread, new Microsoft engineer on board #AdminNotice

Tyler Wood


I get that you may have been having a bad day. I get that you're human, however.

A lot of these so called moderator messages are simply way overboard. I wasn't aware talking about a web browser which, by all means, *is* being run on my windows 10 computer, is against guidelines.

It's like saying yes, talk about Honda, but don't you dare mention where you got those seat covers from.

You continually moderate things that will, or have been, simple discussions and debates or, in the case of this, so ridiculously extreme it doesn't even warrant words.

We're all adults here. You're grabbing us by both hands and feet and I personally find this quite insulting.

Please stop it. It's absurd. Please do some reflecting of your own.

On 24-May-2018 8:11 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Dear Win10 forum family,


I’d like to announce that we have a new Microsoft staff with us. I’m sure this person will make a statement when ready.


But to a more pressing event: for people who have been discussing Chrome extensions, I would like to kindly advise that we think about relevance of that topic to this forum. In the old days, I would have locked the thread after explaining the purpose of the forum cluster. But now, I think a time of reflection might be a more appropriate thing to do.


Thank you.



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