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Rajmund <brajmund2000@...>

gotta agree. built quality has recently decreased, and sometimes the latest isn't the greatest. I had a sandy bridge latitude flip over and die. my lanovo that I bought recently failed the user bench mark test entirely. both the above were windows 10. so now, back to a 6 year old, falling apart samsung, which I attempted to replace 3 times. I also saw an article on twitter, where the $2000 dell kept failing, and dell tech support wasn't helpful at all. these days, it all depends on luck.
PS. this 6 year old i3 has no signs of slow downs, scores 80% on the bench mark tests...

On 29/04/2018 08:06 AM, Tyler Wood wrote:
My asus transformer book t100 which is a 300 dollar computer runs office just fine.
It's also a 5 year old pile of junk, as you so eloquently put it. Upside of having something with no moving parts is I also get 20 hours of batterylife and can charge with micro USB. It runs chrome just fine, I also have dropbox, skype, and team talk on it. With the screen on it still manages around 10 hours. All of this while using 4 watts of power.
I have seen 300 dollar computer last years - so far as I know my netbook with an intel atom n270 is still kicking. And I have also seen 1000 plus dollar machines give up hard after 1 or 2 years.
It seems to me these days that you really aren't going to find an amazingly built computer. The hinge might be nice, but there are so many sacrifices these days. I'm not even talking about port selection - but software, processor, heat. Everyone is trying to be the thinnest and lightest and sacrifice performance in laptops with these 8th gen intel chips it seems.
I love this Lenovo desktop of mine, but hey guess what? I can't extend the warranty beyond the 1 year on the website. Minor quibble but after this kind of money I'm pretty unhappy.
On 29-Apr-2018 1:38 AM, enes sarıbaş wrote:

not so much. What would you do if you needed to use office, or another high end program, for work or school. In this situation, you need another pc.

On 4/29/2018 2:57 AM, David Moore wrote:

I have had my HP Stream for over four years, and it runs better than it did when I bought it because of Windows 10. Many times, you can close programs and open them back up. Also, it is the tasks you do on a computer that are the most important. I surf the net, read articles, send and receive email, and use many on line services, and play music. That is all I do with that computer.

I should have made that clear that I don’t do heavy stuff, like use MS word, play games and such. I use Jarte as a great word processor, and it is a portable version.

I use many portable programs that run from a USB drive, instead of being installed on the computer. The portable version of Firefox, for example, runs from my flash drive, and works as well as my installed version on my big computer. I use programs like TW blue, A PDF reader, Virtual recorder, Jarte, and many other portable programs that do not get installed onto the computer at all.

So, there are many variables here in terms of what you need to actually install and run on your computer.

Take care, guys!

David Moore

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Same here, have not had any issues.you get what you pay for.if you pay for cheap trash you will be putting that trash out the door in that  1 to 2 year time frame.but if you spend what is on average about $800 to $1200  you will b getting  a laptop or desktop  pc that will last for years .even have had one that is   a good 9 years old an still running in the office on windows 7 pro as there  are  software packages that  ar legacy  applications for windows 7 pro that  cant be brought over to  windows 10 pro.

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I guess if these cheaper computers with almost no storage, low-end processors and the bare minimum of RAM work for you than that’s great. On the other hand I never had a computer I bought actually give up the ghost prior to when I decided to retire it. I just replaced one PC at my business which has been running pretty much 24 hours a day (we only turn our PC’s off from closing time on Saturday until opening time on Monday, for over 10 years. I bought it in February of 2008 and it was a basic business desktop built by the computer store here in Canada where I buy most of my stuff. At the time it was middle of the road stuff, a full-sized desktop and which cost me about $800 Canadian at the time. Now I buy only mini PC’s for my buisiness because they are so convenient, use relatively little power and are virtually silent. I have two Intel NUC and 2 HP Elite mini PC’s, again, most of them were about $800 Canadian, but that is with either an I5 or I7 CPU, 12 or 16 Gb of RAM and a 120/128 Gb or 240/256 Gb SSD.

Best regards,


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Since Microsoft office will take up a lot of space, I wonder if libreoffice will take up a lot of space. I will never pay over 300 dollars either for a computer either. The last time I did that it was a refurbished acer aspire time line, and it had vista on it at the time I bought it. And after 3 years of putting up with vista I decided to wipe the hard drive and install windows 7 pro, and back in 2015 I upgraded it to windows 10, and it worked great until it decided to give up the ghost and die two days after Christmas. I my self like smaller laptops and hp happens to be one of my favorite brands, with acer being the least favorite.

Kenny Peyatt jr.

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I forgot to tell you how cheap it was.

I bought the HP Stream for $179.00

You sure can’t beat that!

I will never pay over $300.00 for any computer!

David Moore

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It was cheap and I am wondering if that is why it only has 32 gigs of storage. They had one for the same price but it had 180 gig SSD.

Kenny Peyatt jr.

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Is this laptop particular cheap or why would you consider buying it?

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Yes, it is SSD!

Yes, I use MS office and most services on line, but you are right about using MS Office on the computer. That probably would start tiring this little baby out LOL!

I do as much on line as I can with Google Docs and so on as well.

David Moore

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32gb of storage, if you mean hd or ssd, I would say personally that it is a little low, once you start to load programmes like Microsoft Office etc, you will soon run out of space.

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Hi I am thinking about purchasing a hp laptop with windows 10 and it only comes with 32 gigs of storage. Will that be a problem if windows 10 downloads feature upgrades when they are released? It has a 14 inch screen. And it has four gigs of ram and a intale processor.

Kenny Peyatt jr.


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