Re: Event: Windows 10 Version 1803 release - Tuesday, 10 April 2018 #cal-invite


Who knows.

I just installed  1709 on a box from 2013, incompatible software, crazy google things and a raft of other stuff got in my way but I got through it and the windows found my drivers for me.

I had similar issues with a new hp I got, for my aunt with graphics drivers but taht was it.

In  theory it will just work.

On 1/04/2018 9:00 a.m., David Mehler wrote:

How major of a update is this going to be? I just got 1709 installed
on a box, which was not easy, I do not want to have to go through
upgrade hell again in a few weeks.


On 3/31/18, Joseph Lee <> wrote:

Note the word “tentative” in parentheses. This event will be updated once
the release date is confirmed. Also, although not stated in the calendar
invite, Window-Eyes is no longer supported (officially).



From: <>
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2018 12:29 PM
Subject: [win10] Event: Windows 10 Version 1803 release - Tuesday, 10 April
2018 #cal-invite

Windows 10 Version 1803 release

Tuesday, 10 April 2018
10:00am to 10:00am
(GMT-07:00) America/Los Angeles



Windows 10 Version 1803 (build 17133), the next chapter in Windows 10, is
(tentatively) scheduled to arrive on April 10, 2018. Not all devices will
receive this major upgrade on this date and this update will be rolling out
in waves. Major changes in this update include Focus Assist/do not disturb,
Timeline, hardware keyboard input suggestions, Near Share, diagnostics
viewer, running Narrator in safe mode and many others. For screen reader
users: any screen reader declaring support for Windows 10 Creators Update
(Version 1703) are compatible, although some screen readers will require
latest updates to function well with this update. The following versions are
supported: • Narrator: built into Windows. • JAWS for Windows: 18.0.4350 or
later, JAWS 2018.1802.78 stable release or later recommended). • Nonvisual
Desktop Access: 2018.1.1 or later. • ZoomText: 11.2 or later. • Any screen
reader declaring support for Windows 10 (versions that support Creators
Update or updated to support Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) is


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