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For those who would like a Shutdown sound, first, make sure that Fast Startup is turned OFF.  Control Panel, Power Options, Chose what the Power button does link, Change settings that are currently unavailable link, uncheck the checkbox for "Turn on fast startup (recommended).

Download the attached XML file:  PlayShutdownSound.xml    This contains the XML code for a system task that will play a sound (one of the built in Microsoft "ring" sounds that does not sound like a phone, but more like chimes) when the system event indicating a shutdown is taking place is started.  Know where you put it.

Then, open Control Panel, Administrative Tasks, Task Scheduler.  Hit ALT+A,M  (Actions Menu, Import option) which will open up an Open dialog where you will navigate to find the XML file.  Select that file then activate the Open button.  This will open the "Create Task" dialog.  Activate the OK button.  This should create the task to play the shutdown sound when your account that you were using to create this task tells the computer to shutdown.

This has behaved differently on different machines, much of which is determined by exactly what is triggered to happen at shutdown, and in what order.  On some it works perfectly, each and every time, on others it seems to trigger but only part of the ring sound plays (but you still get something), and on others still it doesn't work.  The majority have fallen into cases one and two.

All of the above presumes that the account you are logged in with at the time you're doing all of the above has administrative privileges.  You cannot set up events with a standard account.
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