sticky Re: Fine-Grained Control Over the Group Messages You Receive from


I honestly don't think things are all that different, though I am not subscribed to any subgroups. The "Your Groups" link at the top does expand to show what groups you are subscribed to, but I have no idea on how to get to the "subscriptions" link after focusing on the group. Pressing enter on the entry for your group just puts you on the messages view, which was why I gave instructions using the table found on the "Your Subscriptions" page instead.

So to summarize, the "Your Groups" link at the top of every page does expand to the list of groups one is subscribed to, then a horizontal rule/separator (not able to be activated), and finally a link labeled "Manage My Subscriptions". Activating that link will land you on "Your Subscriptions" page, which is where the table I referred to is located.

If all comes to fail, one can just go to:[groupName]/editsub
where [groupName] is the name of the group, e.g.,


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