Creators Update: release preview Insiders are now running build 15063, Insiders subgroup entered Redstone 3 phase #branchprogression #insiderbuilds #WinTenOld


Dear Win10 forum family,


Windows 10 Version 1703 (build 15063) is now arriving at Windows Update gate for Insiders on release preview channel. Note that it isn’t available to the public yet.




  • This forum cluster has entered Creators Update era.
  • Insiders subgroup has entered Redstone 3 development phase.


Notice that #BranchProgression hashtag is part of the subject line. This hashtag is reserved for the following announcements:


  • A build is made available to release preview Insiders, signaling that the build in question will be the stable build everyone will meet.
  • The current stable build is ready for business deployment.




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