Listmatters subgroup closure poll: will be closed By Joseph Lee ·
Proposal: dissolve listmatters subgroup? 4 messages By Joseph Lee ·
We're about to enter Version 1903 prep era By Joseph Lee ·
Cumulative update announcement for Version 1803 will continue until January 2019 or 60 days after reappearance of Version 1809 By Joseph Lee ·
We'll enter Redstone 5 prep phase on August 13th By Joseph Lee ·
Critical period: to be reformed starting in 1809 release By Joseph Lee ·
New alias for Insiders subgroup By Joseph Lee ·
FW: [win10] Critical period vote follow-up: retain, reform, or retire? #proposal By Joseph Lee ·
Critical period survey results: to be kept but we should think about reforming it By Joseph Lee ·
Regarding "default web browser" thread onparent forum: lock or not By David Moore ·
Regarding "default web browser" thread on parent forum: lock or not 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Version 1803 critical period 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Potentially confusing: 17133 might not be RTM for Version 1803 By Joseph Lee ·
Proposal: no more critical periods for featureupdates? 3 messages By David Moore ·
Proposal: no more critical periods for feature updates? By Joseph Lee ·
Entering Version 1803 era, head list rep will be out of office for a while By Joseph Lee ·
Entering Version 1803 preparation phase By Joseph Lee ·
Expecting more traffic this month as free upgrade is ending By Joseph Lee ·
I'll be out of office from December 1st to 4th due to speech tournament and fall semester finals By Joseph Lee ·
The politicized thread on the parent cluster: locking it, leadership authoirty activated By Joseph Lee ·