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win10 | win10 / Windows 10 Screen Reader Users
A central forum for users of screen readers and Windows 10 family of operating systems and devices powered by it, including PC's, Windows 10 Mobile and others
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  • win10 | Insiders / Blind and visually impaired Windows Insiders
    Are you part of Windows Insider program from Microsoft and would like to learn how Insider builds work with screen readers or have comments about build accessibility? This forum is for you (reserved for members of Windows Insider program).
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  • win10 | ListMatters / Win10 List Matters and Administration Council
    Welcome to Win10 List Administration Council. This group is dedicated to discussing overall list policies and direction of Win10 list. If you'd like to contribute your suggestions, have a concern with list policies or have comments about how the list is run and the direction it is going, plese let this group know. Note that the main Win10 list is dedicated to Windows 10 topics.
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