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on a dev channel a new build has been published. details:


Orlando Enrique Fiol

At 09:53 PM 9/23/2020, J.G wrote:
on a dev channel a new build has been published. details:
Many thanks for posting these periodic announcement with each new insider build release.
Just so you all know, this current insider build is the third that I have installed on both my desktop and laptop only to get a blank screen, no desktop, start menu, Cortana, settings or File Explorer. A

Although I am able to use the task manager to run specific programs and even use the browse dialogue as a faux File Explorer,
I have ended up having to reinstall a total of six times, twice for each insider build on both my machines. The task manager can also get me into safe mode by launching MSConfig, from which I can check the safe boot box. Otherwise, there's no other way to enter safe mode on these blank screens. The only silver lining here is that, while sightlings all over the Internet have been experiencing this bug for years, and can't use their computers with blank screens, I can at least run any of my screen readers. However, that does me very little good without Windows' most basic components being able to run.
In further full disclosure, I have installed these insider previews both via Windows Update and via direct downloads from the Unified Update Project. In both cases, my unfortunate results have been identical.
Worse still, the most current insider build installed fine on my laptop, but the blank screen nightmare repeated itself on my desktop, which implies that something significant is amiss with the way these insider builds install basic components such as Explorer.exe.
This is just a friendly warning. I've tried out all Windows 10 insider builds since the version was first launched in 2015. I never experienced complete inability to access my desktop, task bar, File Explorer, start menu, Settings or Cortana.

I've submitted extensive feedback about this on Feedback Hub, but have received no receipt confirmations.
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